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I dont know if im going to be in trouble or not. Ask your probation officer about this. So, dont think that the police must have a warrant in order to search a persons phone. Im glad I have a car radio thats just a car radio not another computer waiting to give you trouble right?

What evidence may be admissible at a custody trial depends on the laws in your state as well as the specific facts and circumstances. Pleaseee help! may and may not do. Pleaseeeeee help me!

Kayla January 20, 6:33 pm count( 196 ) My husband and I both have cellphones. Of course it will also depend on the specific ting, etc. I. I might of sent her txt or fb messages saying i do sell but stopped(just impreess her).

How far back can records be pulled with a court order? I didnt know any of it was in the car, I was just getting a ride home. my mom said the cops can still get the pics even if they were deleted. S she scraped the back end of my car. Dear Chelsea:

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Whether the police could legally search her phone depends on the specific facts and circumstances of the case as well as the laws of your state. I love you, thank you for being you and I wish you a nice day, my love. Judge Tom The Best Free Portfolio Tracker for Android Mobile cinnamon July 16, 1:01 am count( 66 ) I was arrested for taking narcotics into a prison. The Louisiana ting bill was not passed until august 15, . And please let me know what chance they have to find me at least ?

Karina September 8, 6:53 pm count( 232 ) a few months ago i got caught ditching school by school police, he asked for my phone and i handed it to him. When the police are investigating a crime they have the authority to collect evidence including phone records and text messages. thank you Dan G Dear Dan:

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Typically, teachers, principals and other school administrators need at least reasonable suspicion that either a law or school rule has been broken to search a phone or other digital device. my friend pulled up after the police had done got there and he had a warrent for faliure to pay on a fine and they took his cell phone from him and went through it and are keeping it and useing his text aginst me.

They said they would use his cell phone for evidence if he were to get charged with a crime (which sounds odd to me). bennett February 5, 1:16 pm count( 190 ) my friend was raped when she went to the police to the detective on her case brought of text conversations between her and her boyfriend she never gave the police her phone is this legal Dear Bennett: Dear Cameron: the boy got punched in the face droped to the floor. You could try contacting the police department and request your phone back and/or how to go about getting it returned.

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Will I be in trouble for this? Askthejudge. if further information is needed please contact (police department number) Why would i be notified? Dodie October 16, 7:14 pm count( 56 ) How can you get the police to retrieve text messages to prove that you are innocent of a crime if you know that the person that is accusing you sent the truth in a now deleted text and the police do not seem to be willing to hear your side of the story? Patrick February 4, 10:22 am count( 191 ) I am a petitioner in an unrelated custody case in the state of Iowa.

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Tommy July 12, 6:12 pm count( 255 ) i was pulled over a couple of nights ago because the officer said i was driving to fast for the weather conditions comming up to a traffic light that was turning red. Dont he have to give me some sort of paper of seizure or any other paper to have the right to keep it? Here on allbestmessages. You may want to discuss this with a local lawyer familiar with privacy rights and law enforcement.